If You Are About To Give Up, READ THIS


You are not the only one with Challenges.

Life is a mixture of both good and bad things. However, sometimes the good exceed the bad, or sometimes the bad exceed the good.

More often than not when we are faced with problems we tend to think that we are the only ones going through them.

After our graduation in 2015, my friend Douglas and I embarked on a job hunting journey with hopes of finding jobs soon that would transform our lives. This move unfortunately left us hopeless and cursing why we did journalism because luck wasn’t on our side. All the offices we went to, we were welcomed by bad news.

But while we were crying, some of our colleagues were able to land on jobs. This even broke us down the more.

One day I met a friend of ours who had been lucky enough to land himself a job at one of the media houses in the country. Our two hours conversation left me a strong man. He explained the hurdles he was going through while at this job and that he was planning to quit soon.

This therefore brought me to a conclusion that almost everyone around us is somehow fighting a Battle that we sometimes can’t see. The only difference is that some people are good at hiding their battles better than others, but everyone around you is battling the same kinds of things. Also some people fight better than others. But the key point is you are not alone in that situation.

One person is busy looking for ten million shillings to solve his problems while another is looking for only five hundred thousand shillings to have his problems solved. One person is looking for food to feed his family while another is struggling with appetite issues that they can’t even eat what is available.

I know Life sucks for you right now. There’s a lot happening around you. You’ve looked left and right and there seems no answer. My only advice is try to be your own hero.

At all costs you must find your inner champion. And if you can’t find one, begin to create him or her right now with in you because no one will.

Regardless of your religious background, always remind yourself how Awesome, special and extraordinary you are not just in your eyes but in the eyes of your creator. It’s time not to cry but be very loving with you.

“The most important thing is to never give up, never give in to circumstances, believe yourself, and to soldier on, no matter what’s in your way.” -Luka Modric

Key to note, every day think good thoughts about you.

That’s how best you will overcome your challenges





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