Don’t give up so soon, press on.

By March 17, 2019 Motivation, Self Improvement

At times we wake up and we don’t really perform the best of ourselves and some people equate it and claim that we have woke up from the wrong side of the bed.
Well, I don’t want to disagree with anyone but sure for the past 20 years i don’t remember myself ever waking up from a wrong side of the bed. Anyway that is some sort of excuse that people always want to use. But with someone that is spirited to doing the best, you cannot really be pulled back by just life’s ups and downs.

Just the other day shit knocked you real hard, your spirit was bruised and you felt like giving up. But have you thought hard at a decision you made before starting, there are quite a number of people waiting for you to back down and they start judging you from there and then, but there is also a quite good number that looks up to you, you inspire them in everything you do. They may not be having the confidence to walk up to you and tell you about how grateful they are because your story truly reflects to them.

Just don’t give up on life, keep pressing on, that is when you will truly find happiness in doing exactly what your heart desires. You maybe going through a recession of loss of a friend, relative, work and maybe personal battles with your mind and spirit but keep strong and remember it shall come to pass as well. Just prepare how you will handle yourself during and after this period of time.

As a Hustler in life you will face a number of challenges along the way but don’t be intimidated, keep up the spirit and Do your best. Everyday wake up with a determination to always focus and Do the best, at end of the tunnel you will see the results and be amazed. Your story will be your testimony to teach and inspire someone out there.

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