Depression! A horror that needs taming

Just like you’re born on to this earth fresh, fragile and beautiful confined into your mama’s arms, unchained and oblivious about the dangers of this world.

Life is the best thing to ever be invented on the Universe but someone randomly would think otherwise especially from the daily life experiences.

Every single stage of our lives brings along its share of bread and wine but it never forget the cross of misery and despair in our lives.

Today, depression has become one of those deathtraps that threaten our daily lives with no discrimination of the young ones and the old.

Depression is not fit a mental disorder, it is the shadow of dejection and disillusions that could take you by surprise from the small things we tend to ignore.

Just last month Arthur Basalirwa a former student of Makerere University ended his own life after getting misunderstandings with his girlfriend.

Basalirwa could be judged by anyone because we are entitled to our opinions, but the pain that comes with one taking their own lives should be inconceivable.

In Uganda, the region most affected is the north with 3 out of 10 people affected with serious depression.

According to World Health Organization over 350 million people are affected by depression worldwide. Depression in childhood and youth can have profound longstanding social and economic consequences in adulthood.

From a common perspective we draw most examples of depression from University because it is the age of making decisions, taking risks and exploring.

Student while at campus are the masters of their own lives and with this students are exposed to very many real life experiences from decisions made and other uncontrollable forces.

Students may make right decisions sometimes but other times things go wrong and depression creeps in with all sorts of thoughts.

These thoughts will either destroy you or give you redemption. However, whenever there is no redemption, suicide becomes the headline.

The most suicide cases and attempted suicides are of University students who can no longer live to the pressure in their lives which most times are created by themselves or unavoidable forces.

One could describe depression as a mood disturbance commonly associated with unexplained sadness for at least 2weeks, lack of sleep or disturbed sleep, loss of interest in social contact and what one previously used to enjoy, poor concentration, feelings of worthlessness, failure, self-blame and low self-esteem. At the extreme, recurrent thoughts about death and acts of self-harm or suicide are common.

What could be done?

Depression could be a killer disease of its own but never the less it could be tamed and done away with as long as we put certain things in consideration.

Confine in Friends; the word friend is quite complex especially when you don’t relate easily with people around you. There isn’t a thing better than a genuine friend who is ready to be by your side especially when everything is not fine. Depression pushes us away from friends and makes us forget about the power of love and friendship however, when we try our best to hang on to our friend’s depression can be worked upon.

Seek for a psychiatrist;just like they say if symptoms persist, consult the medical doctor. Now this applies to depression especially when you fail to control it you have to seek the help of a specialist in such cases and that’s a psychiatrist who deals with all kinds of mental illnesses.

Keep good company; out of 10, 6 depressed persons will always testify the reason of being depressed to the company they choose to keep. When we were growing up one of those warnings from elders was always to keep away from peer groups.

Keeping bad company will always cause problems because such company brings the sense of entitlement which sometimes ends up the wrong way.

Take it slow; life is precious and we ought to respect it and guide it selfishly, this sometimes is not the case with growing teenagers and university students. They look at life like thou the expiring date was tomorrow and today was the day to try out everything in life.

Life processes are gradual and we need to slow down and take one step at a time thinking of how the future will be especially when you are independent.

Be you; the age we live in is the most complicated one because we are exposed to many things that have even washed away our morals and all we see is shamelessness thanks to the age of information.

Some people want to replicate exactly what they watch on the internet or TV and when things go wrong, life ends up getting devastating. Life is precious and if only we concentrated on real life matters depression could surly be addressed.

God always; God will always be the alpha and omegas of this earth the fact being that we are created in his own image we ought to confine in him always regardless of what we going through.

One needs to get a religious leader they believe in because God works through religious leaders and the gifted persons in spirit. There are  life changing moments  especially when you visit church because lots of people give testimonies of their passed lives and the hospitality in church may be the beginning of the life changing moments.


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