A Tale Of A Man After Serving A Sentence For A Crime He Never Committed

A place for all, a place where thieves negotiate with murders, robbers befriend idlers and terrorist know God. This is a place where when you get in, your friends become your instant strangers, your family become your enemies, and your God, that is if you believe He exists, becomes the only person to talk to. Convicts, condemned, Remands, piggery, escapees are the possible terms you’ll hear oftenly . Others judging others as they await their judgement. Others pretenders, others silent killers, others reformed, others are totally innocent and serving sentences that are not theirs to serve. Others “know” God better than others, others don’t care about anything in the world. Others are fighting through redemption, others already gave up and don’t really care what is up next for them.

The food in prison is a very poor quality unless,, during the period of fasting (Ramadhan), a special menu is available to Muslim prisoners. There is actually a ban on prisoners converting to Islam in the run up to Ramadhan because it was common to do so just for the food. The life of a female in prison can be lonely with few opportunities for rehabilitation, cells are overcrowded and their physical health can be often be ignored or endangered. The only thing keeping them alive is, the little hope that one day they will be freed and they will join their families and friends if they have any that is.

I have never been to prison before, not even just visiting someone in there. The whole thing actually scares me to death. But one of my longtime friends was and I had a chance to talk to him about his experience there. It was nice seeing him smile time to time as we were talking though at some point he could not stop the tearing from coming out of his beautiful sad beautiful eyes as he narrated the story.
However he is so full of energy, excited and at the same time grateful for finally getting his freedom after serving 3 years in jail for a crime he never committed.

Looking down to his feet, he said; ” I’m still full of hope and I know things will work out for me again. I don’t know where to exactly start from, but I know there is so much ahead of me to enjoy and I’m ready to experience it all. ”

I tried so much not to tear up, for him. So I pulled out my hand to touch his which he offered willingly, then lifted his head up to look straight into my eyes. “Thank you so much for allowing me to share this with the rest of the world. In some way, I already feel way more better.” He concluded.

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