A few things you need before you take up a journalism course

By March 12, 2019 Motivation, Success

Most people find real dilemma after high school or anytime they need to chose a career for life. Journalism is one of the most loved careers that people think of first, because it is always pleasant to see smart presenters on television, nice voices over radio and brilliant minds expressed in the press.

While choosing a career you must discover yourself because you may land lifetime suffering or lifetime happiness.
Journalism may choke you in the long run or be milk and honey for your life
Find out why;

1. Passion: This comes with love or self drive to do something. There are many things you won’t be told to do in the news room which passion must drive you to do, this makes you a distinct journalist who is able to work beyond expectations, beyond working time because journalism is 24 hours job. Passion is not taught in any lecture room but its a must have for success!

2. Talent: This is a natural gift that is at most inborn and can be grown or enhanced. Journalism involves writing just like am doing, it involves reading just like you are doing, it involves speaking and clearly articulating issues which is utmost talent, it involves entertainment to capture the audience or even entertainment shows, it involves interviewing and modulation, it involves making analysis and the power to tell unknown stories. All this requires talent for anyone to be the most competent on market.

3. Being informed: You may not know everything but at least any aspiring journalist should be willing to look out for information about current affairs and important incidents in history. This cuts across all fields of journalism ranging for sports, entertainment, politics etc. Never be in any journalism school or even law school and only concentrate on cram work of notes, journalism is about what’s new!

4. Creativity: education is not about passing examinations and getting good documents, education is what you remain with after forgetting the teachers notes! Therefore with journalism you must put the mind at work to create a new idea in the media world and create a brand of your own! Don’t be like anybody in media but be your self. With creativity you need to Start now even before being enrolled.

5. No money: This is to summarize all the above that in journalism we work for passion, we work to grow talent, we work be informed, we work to stay creative and innovative and at most we work to serve communities and money comes in the long run! Those who look for immediate money fall or don’t get it because journalism is just a limelight career but not a forest of money.

Is the dilemma still on? Or can you join us in telling a story to the world?

Author : Masereka Joshua

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